Body Temperature Facial Recognition Devices

Body Temperature Facial Recognition devices for businesses

How are you protecting your employees and your offices from a COVID-19 outbreak? As workers across Southern California are moving back into the office, it’s important to take all necessary action to keeping them and your bottom line safe.

Fluid Sound has collaborated with OneScreen and Arecont Vision to bring you all-in-one, non-contact body temperature and facial recognition devices.

These robust solutions can prevent people with elevated body temperatures or those who are not wearing a mask from entering your offices, schools, hospitals, and public spaces.


Advanced Solutions with Access Control Integration

Fluid Sound partnered with Arecont Vision to build a more robust, expandable temperature measurement system with thermal and visible image display.

This system is capable of scanning the faces and temperatures of up to 30 people at one time and works in addition to your customer security network.

Working alongside the integrated camera is the black body calibration device. This device, so long as it is within view of the camera, sets a reference point to the ambient temperature in the room. This system allows for a +/- .5°F temperature reading accuracy.

Where does it work?

These integrated cameras can be used with access gates and attendance for communities, office buildings, schools, hotels, scenic spots, transportation hubs, and public service places?



How does it work?

The body temperature and facial recognition scanners combine powerful thermal cameras and industrial grade binocular-wide cameras supported by Qualcomm processors and on-device Artificial Intelligence.

    1. Securely scan in less than one second with on-board AI.
    2. The only scanner with live video assistance for real time entry approval
    3. Provides access control integration for automatic doors
    4. Centralized management for multiple scanners, data, and attendance
    5. Free, unlimited help & training

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WHO often uses Body Temperature and Facial Recognition Devices

Architects & Contractors

Body Temperature and Facial Recognition for Architects & Contractors


Body Temperature and Facial Recognition for Developers

Chief Technology Officer

Body Temperature and Facial Recognition for CTOs
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WHERE we often install & integrate Body Temperature and Facial Recognition Devices

Entrances & Lobbies

Body Temperature and Facial Recognition for Entrances & Lobbies

Command Centers

Body Temperature and Facial Recognition for Command Centers


Body Temperature and Facial Recognition For Casinos
It works… REALLY WELL!! And the installation was painless. We will only be working with FluidSound from here on out.
Riff Markowitz, Co-Founder / Managing Director, PS Follies


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