In-House Video Production Studios for San Diego Corporations

Has your San Diego company or organization ever thought about having a video production studio installed onsite? While this is something that was not even a consideration for most organizations just a few years ago, it’s now becoming a popular option for corporations large and small.

Corporate video production studios have many practical uses. As your marketing department will probably tell you, compelling video content is a great way to connect with potential customers or to engage further with current ones. Video can also be used as an effective means of communication with remote employees as well as with clients. But not just any video will do—high-quality video and audio is now expected. In the past, a conference call with delayed audio, or a live streamed video with poor video quality was acceptable, but today people expect both the audio and video to be clear and sharp, and anything less will reflect poorly on your organization.

Fortunately, producing high-quality videos in-house is now easier than ever and also requires less specialized equipment.

Every organization’s needs are different when it comes to video production, so Fluid Sound designs and installs customized video production studios for San Diego corporations based on those specific needs. We work with manufacturers that produce equipment that’s user friendly and compact, but still robust enough to put out a professional-looking end product.

What Are Some of the Uses for a Corporate Video Production Studio?

Virtually any company or organization can benefit from an in-house video production studio. Here are some of the ways companies are using them:

  • All Hands Meetings: Communicate with remote employees and offices using broadcast-quality video.
  • Training Videos: Record your own employee training videos that can later be easily added to or edited.
  • Product Demonstrations: Create quality videos for your website or social media accounts that demonstrate the benefits of your products or provide tutorials for customers.
  • Live Interviews: Allow your executives to be interviewed by media outlets without having to ever leave the office.
  • Live Events: Stream a live panel discussion, event, product announcement, or meeting using video footage from multiple angles.
  • Customer Testimonials: Create compelling testimonial videos of clients or customers for your website or social media pages.
  • Promotional Videos: Help potential clients or customers engage with your company through videos that promote your brand.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Production Company vs. In-House Studio Production

There are many great video production companies in San Diego that will come to your location and film your event, product video, training video, or whatever you need. However, if you find you are using their services regularly, your company can likely save a good amount of money by having your own corporate video production studio installed on your premises and creating the videos in-house.

And here’s more good news: you don’t have to sacrifice quality by using your own corporate video production studio! You can produce high-quality video content with just a small amount of equipment and in a limited amount of space. By producing the video content in-house, you also maintain complete control of your messaging.

What About Staffing a San Diego Corporate Video Production Studio?

Does having an in-house video production studio mean you need to hire a full-time staff to run it? Not necessarily. With the user-friendly options available on the market for corporate video production studios, it’s likely that someone you already have on staff can operate the equipment and produce top-notch videos with just a little training. If you’re creating marketing videos, of course you’ll want someone with a creative eye to produce them, but for things like live meetings or interviews, almost anyone can be trained to operate the equipment and put out high-quality video.

One of our preferred vendors for in-house video production equipment is NewTek. They have an impressive line of products that are extremely user-friendly and produce great results.

How to Build a Video Production Studio that Meets Your Needs

Installing a corporate video production studio in San Diego involves making many decisions. The first and most important decision you need to make is choosing a San Diego audiovisual company that is experienced in designing and installing professional video studios.

Fluid Sound will work with your organization from start to finish to give you the professional video studio setup that will meet your organization’s needs. We can design and install your new studio, and provide your staff with training and support.

If you’re ready to begin the process of producing professional-quality video in-house, contact us at Fluid Sound.