AV Industry Publications Highlight Fluid Sound’s Recent Work

Here at Fluid Sound, we’ve completed some exciting projects recently! We’ve had the privilege of working with some very forward-thinking clients who have allowed us to use our expertise and creativity to design some amazing audiovisual systems. Not only were our clients thrilled with the outcomes, but our efforts received some industry press as well.

Here are a few of the most recent features written about our work:

Video Wall Design and Installation in San Diego Theater Complex

AV Network, a leading publisher of audiovisual news, published a featured article on our AV design and installation work at San Diego’s new Theater Box. Theater Box is a high-end movie theater complex that features dine-in theaters. The expansive lobby, with its large windows, is meant to attract guests from the street, and one of the impressive features of that lobby is the video wall above the escalators, designed and installed by Fluid Sound.

As the AV Network article describes, this is no ordinary video wall. The client wanted to use large displays rather than the numerous smaller displays that are typical in video walls. The video wall we installed in the San Diego Theater Box uses eight huge, 75” NEC displays, all hung at 45-degree angles. The theater uses the video wall to show movie trailers, display movie times, as well as advertisements. It also contributes to the sleek overall design of the lobby area, which was important to the venue’s owners.

The AV Network feature also talks about our design and installation of displays outside of each individual theater. Originally, the venue owners wanted displays mounted directly to the walls, but because they would be in such high-traffic areas, we recommended using wall kiosk enclosures, which also contributed to a more streamlined look, consistent with the rest of the venue.

AV Design and Integration for High-End Entertainment Venue

Fluid Sound was also mentioned in a recent case study published on the NEC website, which talks about our work (which included the use of multiple NEC displays) on THE LOT City Center in San Ramon, California. THE LOT is an entertainment venue that houses multiple restaurants, a high-end bar, as well as luxury movie theaters.

The case study explains that THE LOT’s owners were looking for AV technology that would contribute to the overall design of the venue—especially when it came to the video wall in the main gathering area. Fluid Sound set the 3×3 video wall on top of a wood veneer backdrop to give it some texture and depth and make it a design feature, as well as a functional display. Fluid Sound partner and AV designer Dennis Pappenfus is quoted in the case study as saying, “This seamless integration makes the technology truly part of the environment, not something bolted on after the fact.”

The May 2019 print version of Systems Contractor News, also featured our work on THE LOT project in an article titled “Now Playing at THE LOT Cinema.”

While we love seeing our work highlighted in industry publications, what’s even better is having happy clients, and the clients in both of the projects mentioned above were very happy with the outcomes.

As a San Diego audiovisual company, we always strive to design systems that enhance our clients’ work. For our entertainment industry clients, it means designing systems that contribute to the guest experience. In a corporate setting, it could mean making communication more seamless or allowing tasks to be completed in a more efficient manner.

If you are in need of a San Diego AV company that has experience working in all types of commercial settings, we’d love to hear from you and learn more about your upcoming project. To get a better understanding of Fluid Sound’s capabilities, visit our website’s Featured Projects section, and see some of our recently completed projects.