NewTek Case Study on Recent Orange County Installation Highlights the Benefits of In-House Video Production

In our line of work as AV integrators we are always looking for great new products made by forward-thinking companies that will benefit our clients. It’s not that we’re looking for the “hottest” new technology, but we are constantly doing research on new products hitting the market that do things better—that offer more functionality or superior results. Another thing we look for in new products are those that are easy to use. Audio video technology should make a company more effective and more productive, but if the technology is too complex for the average company employee to operate, it will make everyone’s job more frustrating. Perhaps worse, the technology will sit unused.

So, when we come across a technology company that is offering easy-to-use products that are still high functioning and produce impressive results, we go all in! This was the case recently when we began working with NewTek. NewTek makes video production equipment that’s amazingly user friendly, while still producing network-quality video that companies can use for marketing, training, internal communication, and more.

NewTek’s Video Production Equipment

NewTek isn’t a new company. It was founded back in 1986 (an eternity ago in the AV world), when founder Tim Jenison invented the world’s first “television studio in a box”. In 2005, NewTek released the TriCaster to the world, which, in our opinion, has completely revolutionized the way companies are able to produce high-quality video content themselves.

NewTek calls the TriCaster “the most complete multi-camera video production system on the planet.” The system contains everything an in-house video production team would need to create video content that can be easily live-streamed, broadcasted, or published. It’s a game-changer for companies looking to take their video production in-house.

Extensive Write-up About Fluid Sound’s Use of NewTek Products

As we mentioned in an earlier blog post, Fluid Sound relied heavily on NewTek products in our recent work with Orange County medical technology company Edwards Lifesciences. After the new corporate video production studio was complete, NewTek released a lengthy write-up about how the company is using their new video production equipment.

The case study highlighted the immense benefits that Edwards Lifesciences is seeing from their new setup. One benefit is the time-saving aspect. Before, Edwards Lifesciences was using an external video production company, which was time consuming, not to mention expensive. The case study reports that recently,  “…the CEO [of Edwards Lifesciences] was able to just walk into the studio and do an internal video which was edited and delivered out to employees within two days. The process is now easy by having a physical location and the tools to support it, so they just walk in, turn on the system, do some fine tuning on the lighting and they are ready to go. This is all being done using internal staff managing the video production environment with minimal training and learning curve.”

Here at Fluid Sound, we believe AV technology should make organizations more efficient, and that can only happen when the technology helps save employees time. It’s not just about having fancy, high-tech “toys”. It’s about improving your organization by using innovative equipment that makes your employees more productive.

The Substantial Benefits of an In-House Video Production Studio, from the Mouth of the Client

In the NewTek write-up, there was also a great quote from Edwards Lifesciences Director Nolan Tiana about the benefits of having a video production studio on the premises. He said, “For those of us who are engaged in communications and engaging employees or other stakeholders, it’s apparent that video is critical. My words of advice are to invest in it, really get your leadership to buy into it, to see the value in it and walk them through the use cases for what you want to do. Show what it is going to end up saving in terms of time and preparation. Compare what it takes to produce someplace else or bring in third party companies. Paint a picture of what the future can look like, and it will pay off.”

This is great advice for any company that is currently using outside companies to produce their video content, or for those looking to take advantage of the medium in new ways to further their organization’s goals.

As more and more companies in San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles catch on to the benefits of corporate in-house video production studios, we anticipate we’ll be doing a lot more of these types of installations. If your interest has been piqued, and you want to learn more about having a video production studio installed in your facility, contact us at Fluid Sound.