How General Contractors Can Benefit from Working with an Experienced San Diego Audio Video Contractor

General contractors (GCs), especially those that work in commercial environments, have difficult jobs. They need to be on top of all of the details related to their complex projects, and they have to stay in constant communication with many different parties, including owners, managers, architects, engineers, and those in city planning departments. They also must effectively manage all of their subcontractors.

As a San Diego audio video company that often works in a subcontractor role for GCs on large commercial projects, we always do our best to make the GC’s work easier, knowing what an important and complex job they have.

It’s often not until GCs are well into their projects that their clients ask them to assist with solving the audio video portion of the project. Most GCs are willing to take on the task, since they are typically problem solvers by nature and want to make their clients happy, but they often then find themselves having to locate an experienced AV company in San Diego to handle the specifics that the client is asking for.

That’s where Fluid Sound can come in and help. With our more than 20 years of combined experience working with GCs as audio video subcontractors in San Diego, we can provide the audio video solutions that commercial clients are looking for. We have become adept at effectively communicating with GCs as well as with their clients. We are able to speak “construction language” and also help GCs solve high-level problems to meet their clients’ AV needs.

We are happy to meet with a GC’s client directly to help get a good understanding of the scope of the AV portion of the project. Our team is experienced at dealing professionally with business owners, high-level executives, and ownerships’ management teams. We work hard to be an asset to GCs in these meetings to help them interpret their clients’ specific AV needs. In this way, we’re much more than just another subcontractor—we are a trusted partner that GCs can lean on to help them complete their projects to their clients’ satisfaction.

Once we have a good idea of the scope of the AV work that needs to be completed, we can provide the GC with an accurate estimate so the project can stay on budget. We are also able to work within tight schedules and fit seamlessly into the building process, which always has lots of moving parts. We know how to work well with other subcontractors, such as electricians, IT professionals, and anyone else with whom we need to coordinate, and we work efficiently so that our portion of the project gets done in a timely manner and the project as a whole stays on schedule.

If you’re a GC in San Diego looking for a trusted AV company to partner with, we would love to talk with you. We’ve worked on commercial AV projects in many different industries and have the experience necessary to help make your project a success! Contact us today.