Edwards Lifesciences in Southern California Benefits from a Corporate Video Production Studio

Last month on our blog we discussed one of our newer services: designing and installing video production studios for San Diego corporations. We wanted to dive a bit deeper into this topic, and to do so, we will be highlighting one of our recent clients that had a corporate video production studio designed and installed in their headquarters by the team at Fluid Sound.

Edwards Lifesciences is a Southern California-based company that specializes in solutions for cardiovascular disease. They are a $2.6 billion organization that is considered a global leader in medical innovations for structural heart disease and monitoring devices. Not only is Edwards a successful company—it is also doing some great work that is improving patient outcomes and enhancing lives.

The overall goal of the video production studio project at Edwards Lifesciences was to bring all of their video production and delivery in-house. You might be thinking, “How much video production does a medical technology company actually need?” Quite a bit, actually. Definitely enough to make an in-house corporate video production studio worth the cost and effort.

Edwards Lifesciences came to Fluid Sound with a lengthy list of desired uses for their proposed video production studio. They wanted to be able to do the following in-house:

  • Produce high-quality all hands meetings
  • Live-stream and record quarterly earnings conference calls to investors
  • Offer complex video conferencing collaboration with multiple camera angles
  • Create process, procedure, and training videos
  • Create product development videos
  • Have an in-house studio where C-level executives could be filmed remotely for televised interviews on news stations like CNN and MSNBC, which would allow them to remain in the office and not have to travel to an “out-of-house” professional recording studio
  • Have a mobile video production suite that could take footage from medical operating room cameras and send the video in real time (over the IP computer network) back to the primary production studio

We were able to give Edwards Lifesciences all of these capabilities in a custom designed video production studio that is easy to use, but still puts out high-quality audio and video content.

One of the manufacturers of the products used in the Edwards Lifesciences video production studio, NewTek, recently published a case study on their website, using this project as an example of what is possible for corporations when it comes to in-house video production. Read the full case study on the NewTek website.

If you’re part of a Southern California corporation or organization that could benefit from an in-house video production studio, we’d love to talk with you. Our San Diego audiovisual company will work closely with you to design and install a custom studio that meets your organization’s specific needs. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities.