San Diego Design-Build Audio Video Company: An AV Consultant and Integrator in One

When you’re in need of an AV system for your San Diego company, there are basically two routes you can take. You can hire an AV consultant who will design a system and then shop around the resulting plans to several different AV integrators. Or, you could hire a design-build company and have the entire process—from design to installation—completed by a single AV company.

As a San Diego audiovisual company that uses the design-build model, we see everyday how this setup benefits our AV clients. It’s not that you can’t have a successful outcome using one company to design your AV system and another to install it, we just see many positive reasons to work with one AV company from start to finish. Here are a few:

Your AV Design is Based on Your Budget

When you work with a design-build company like Fluid Sound, we will design you an AV system that’s based on your stated budget—regardless of whether that budget is big or small. Our designers and estimators work hand-in-hand on every project and can give you an accurate cost estimate with any proposed design.

If, during the course of the design process, it becomes apparent that your budget won’t accommodate everything you want in an AV system, we can make changes or adjustments before everything is finalized.

When you don’t work with a design-build company, you may not get any idea of what your project integration will cost until you’re well into the process. Many independent AV consultants are great at what they do (designing amazing AV systems), but don’t have a good sense of what their designs will cost to be implemented. This often leaves their clients shell-shocked when they start receiving bids from AV integrators that are much higher than they anticipated—or budgeted for. This requires them to either go back to the drawing board or increase their budget. This can be avoided by going with a design-build company that can design a system that’s in line with your project budget.

You’ll Know Exactly What You’re Getting Before the Final Sign-Off

Another advantage of working with a design-build company like Fluid Sound is that you get a very detailed plan to sign off on. For example, at Fluid Sound, we provide you with things like diagrams, floor plans, schematics, and renderings, so you know exactly how everything will be laid out, as well as how it will operate, before the installation even begins. We even go into detail about things like the makes and models of the specific products we’ll be using on your project and show you what the control interface will look like.

We are able to do this because our AV designers and integrators work together on your project from the beginning.

It’s More of a Partnership Relationship

Working with a design-build company for your San Diego AV project allows to you develop an ongoing relationship with your AV company. This is important if you ever have any questions down the road, or if you want to change or expand your AV system sometime in the future.

We view our relationship with our clients as a partnership. We work hard to design systems that will help them succeed. We’re always looking for the best solutions and implementing them in ways that will allow the end user to be able to easily manage them. After all, a customized AV system is worthless if no one in the company knows how to operate it. We offer all of our clients ongoing support, maintenance, and system monitoring to ensure you are taking full advantage of your AV system.

Want to learn more about what it’s like to work with a San Diego audiovisual company with a design-build model? Contact us at Fluid Sound.