Considering an Interactive Whiteboard for Your San Diego Huddle Room Installation? We Can Help

If you’re a company that’s still using a traditional whiteboard for presentations and meetings, it may be time to look into an interactive whiteboard. Interactive whiteboards are quite common in educational settings, but also have many benefits in the corporate setting.

They are a great addition to an existing huddle room or conference room, or a feature that you should consider including if you will soon be adding a huddle room (or multiple huddle rooms) to your building.

Interactive whiteboards allow your employees to interact with Word documents, images, PowerPoint presentations, screenshots from the web, and more. Unlike a traditional whiteboard, any annotations made by you or your group can be saved digitally for future reference or emailed out at the end of the meeting to all meeting participants.

There are many different models of interactive whiteboards on the market, and the audiovisual experts at Fluid Sound can help you choose one with the features that will work best for your San Diego company or organization.

Pen-based Interactive Whiteboards

As the name implies, a pen-based interactive whiteboard allows users to interact with the content projected on the whiteboard using a pen. These types of boards typically use a copper wire mesh to receive their input.

Touch-based Interactive Whiteboards

A touch-based interactive whiteboard gives you the ability to use your finger, as well as a pen, to manipulate and annotate the content displayed. Some touch-based interactive whiteboards even act as a traditional whiteboard, allowing you to use dry erase markers on it as well. Some touch-based models use mesh technology, while others have an infrared board. Infrared boards are magnetic, which can come in handy at times.

Turn an Existing Whiteboard into an Interactive Whiteboard

If you’re not quite ready to give up that traditional whiteboard just yet, consider a device that can conveniently change your existing whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard whenever you need one. With a product like the eBeam Edge+, you mount a small device to the side of your whiteboard (or any smooth, hard surface like a wall, or even a glass tabletop) and it turns into an interactive work surface that you can operate using a battery-operated pen. You don’t need an expensive digital board or a fancy new projector. You can use what you already have, and just make it interactive.

The benefit of going this route is that you can still keep your traditional whiteboard and dry erase markers for those employees who like to do things the old-fashioned way, and you’ll be saving some money as well.

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