Adapting your conference room during these challenging times for remote workers

Leadership Communication Matters!

Your leadership team should be able to use the conference room to communicate with your remote workforce on TEAMS or ZOOM!

These are challenging times and nearly every company has at least some of their workforce now working from home. This will likely be the new normal with working from home becoming more common during and after this unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic.

To succeed with your remote workforce, your collaboration must be as seamless as it is in-person. Your team needs to hear, see, and understand each other as if they were standing in the same room.

Whether it is managers connecting with their team or remote workers calling in for an executive-led all-hands company meeting, the various work from home scenarios that will be the new normal in today’s workplace will require an integrated AV solution.

Microsoft Teams Rooms & Zoom Rooms

The challenge is that company leadership often struggles to communicate effectively with these remote groups as conference rooms are not currently setup to easily use Microsoft TEAMS® or Zoom®. When the room is not setup correctly, the hardware is difficult to use, and the camera angles are not appropriate for leadership to present while standing at the front of the room, the meeting will suffer, and the communication will fail.

The issues with videoconferencing are not the Microsoft TEAMS® or Zoom® applications themselves, but rather the limitations of the personal devices running the applications. The variation between laptop and smartphone microphone quality is significant and controlling the distance from the person talking to the device microphone is nearly impossible. The result of these variables is that some people sound like they are mumbling or like they are at the other end of the tunnel which cripples effective communication. While these issues can be resolved if your remote workers use quality personal headsets, in a conference room the fix requires and AV integrator and intelligent hardware.

Solutions Matter

The solution is straightforward. Fluid Sound can provide a simple and affordable upgrade to your conference room with an integrated Microsoft TEAMS Rooms or ZOOM rooms solution. The benefits of an integrated solution include significant reduction in complexity, increased reliability, better audio quality, and a native Microsoft Teams® or Zoom® user interface experience. With a native Microsoft Teams® or Zoom® interface on the conference room’s integrated touch panel you just walk into to the room and press a button on a screen that is familiar to your end users. A familiar user interface speeds up user adoption, speeds up your return on investment, and speeds up your company communication!

With an integrated room solution based around Microsoft TEAMS Rooms or Zoom Rooms your company management can more effectively communicate from existing conference rooms to your team that is working from home because all the guesswork and variables are removed. Gone will be the wasted time struggling to get the room setup for your meeting and your leadership team can focus on the presentation and meeting content and not the technology. Integrated audiovisual systems have the potential to do more than just dramatically increase knowledge transfer and meeting efficiency; they are the key to transformative collaboration and communication efficiency. An integrated solution will improve your communications and collaboration and improve the return on your technology investment.

Fluid Sound: Experienced with Remote Workforce Solutions in San Diego & Los Angeles

Fluid Sound also has more advanced corporate video production solutions for larger training rooms and all-hands meeting areas. Our solutions can support local and remote presentations, questions and answer sessions, as well as recording and live streaming.

Fluid Sound can be your partner as our society transitions to the new normal of supporting a remote workforce. Our team is available to help walk you through the steps to get your conference rooms setup to support your remote teams. We’d love to talk with you about your upcoming project, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our design engineers. Contact us today.