Conference Room AV for San Diego Organizations Using Microsoft Teams and Zoom

Since the coronavirus came into our lives, we’re all, by necessity, becoming more adept at meeting with clients and colleagues via video conferencing. Those who had never before used Microsoft Teams or Zoom might even consider themselves experts by now. The increased use of these technologies may have also poked some holes in the current video conferencing system being used by your company. If you’ve had employees or clients express frustration with the quality of the conference calls, or if your current conference room AV setup is difficult to use, it may be time to explore a system upgrade.

Conference Room AV Setup

Small, quick, informal meetings can often successfully take place at the desks of your employees, but what about larger, more important meetings? If your company doesn’t already, it needs to have a reliable, easy-to-use, high-quality video conferencing system in place for effective communication.

One of the biggest challenges with video calls that take place in a conference room is call quality. It’s important that those in the room and those who are calling in from remote locations can hear and see everything that’s going on. When everyone is using their own laptops on the conference call, the differences in microphone and camera quality can be stark and create a scenario where it’s difficult to understand some people on the call or see their faces clearly.

With Fluid Sound’s integrated room solutions, we integrate your video conferencing system into a custom-designed room and use high-quality displays, microphones, and loudspeakers to maximize call quality. Integration also gives you the option to control other aspects of your conference room, such as the room’s lighting, shades, and temperature, from a single device.

Another challenge can be the usability of video conferencing systems. While Microsoft Teams and Zoom are both user friendly in and of themselves, there can still be some challenges when they are used in a conference room that has not been properly set up. When the team at Fluid Sound is called in to set up video conferencing systems for San Diego corporations, we utilize hardware that is both sophisticated and easy to use, such as intuitive Crestron Flex products.

Crestron Products That Make Video Conferencing Easier and Better

Crestron Flex, and specifically their unified communications systems, are designed to work well with Microsoft Teams and Zoom. In fact, the software is already built into certain products. This makes using the system extremely simple. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s as simple as pushing one button to get a video conference call started. And when Crestron Flex is integrated with high-quality microphones, speakers, displays, and cameras in your conference room, the result is impressive.

When your video conferencing system is easy to use, as well as superb in its audio and video quality, it makes meetings much more effective. No more time is wasted getting a meeting started or struggling to understand what is being communicated on the call. This alone can make an upgraded conference room AV system worth the investment.

Another thing that our clients like about the Crestron unified communication systems is that they do not require any additional or expensive control system programming, which is typically needed with larger video conferencing systems.

Conference Room Scheduling

If you’re looking to take your video conferencing to another level, consider integrating a scheduling system with your video conferencing system. A scheduling device, such as a Crestron scheduling panel, can be installed directly outside of your conference room, and will allow employees to easily determine if there is a meeting currently in progress and if any future meetings are scheduled in that space. Team members can reserve the conference room, and also have the system send reminders to meeting participants through popular scheduling software like Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite.

Let’s Get Started!

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