Soft Codec Systems That Will Take Your San Diego Conference Room AV Installation to the Next Level

A couple of months ago, we discussed the benefits of Soft Codec systems for board rooms, conference rooms, and other types of meeting rooms. We wanted to delve in a little more deeply into these types of systems, since they’re becoming more and more popular for video conferencing and voice calling due to their price and flexibility.

Microsoft Teams (or just “Teams”) is currently one of the more popular Soft Codec, or software based systems, and also the one we get asked about the most when an organization is considering a new or updated conference room AV installation. Teams is a sophisticated system for video conferencing, voice calling, and chatting all wrapped into one. One of the previous industry favorites, Skype for Business (also a Microsoft product), is being retired and users are being pushed over to Teams. Microsoft reported back in July that Teams has 13 million active daily users and they just rolled out some exciting new features that will improve communication within organizations even more.

All-Inclusive Packages to Complement Your Soft Codec System

The major soft codec systems, such as Teams, Zoom, and Cisco WebEx, also offer all-inclusive packages called “Rooms” that bundle monitors, cameras, microphones, and touch panels for scheduling a call and dialing into one. These packages allow organizations to easily host video conference calls, since they are simple for the average person to use once properly set up in your conference room or other meeting space. You can choose a package that’s suitable for a smaller, huddle room type of space, or one that will work well in a large corporate board room. The Room components all work well together and are designed to complement the Soft Codec system of your choice.

Customized Conference Room Design and Installation in San Diego

When you hire Fluid Sound for conference room AV installation, we will make sure whatever system you choose is set up to give your employees the best meeting experience possible—one that works every time, provides you with clear and crisp HD audio and video, and allows you to share content easily with all of the conference call’s participants, whether they’re in the room or in a remote location.

Conference room AV installation is changing. Don’t get left behind by using technology or systems that no longer serve your organization well. At Fluid Sound, we’re not here to push any particular products or software. We want what is best for your organization and will work closely with you to design the best conference room AV system based on your needs and your space.

If you’ve been considering an upgrade to your conference room AV system, we’d love to talk with you. Contact us today to set up a consultation where we can evaluate your needs and present you with a solution that will work best for your organization.