Audiovisual Technology That Improves Workplace Productivity and Communication Can Be a Great Investment for San Diego Companies

san diego audiovisual technologyStatistics abound that say that workplace productivity has seen a decline in recent decades. Many blame technology for this, citing things like the number of hours every day that employees spend responding to emails or checking their various social media profiles while on the job. However, technology, especially customized audiovisual technology, is also responsible for increasing productivity in certain areas.

San Diego companies that use audiovisual technology in smart ways are seeing their employees become more productive than ever! When employees have the proper tools at their disposal, they are able to get more done in an average work day by working more efficiently. As the saying goes, “Work smarter, not harder.”

Better collaboration among employees is one way in which technology is helping improve productivity in the workplace. What if your employees want to schedule an impromptu meeting or brainstorming session in one of your office’s huddle rooms or conference rooms? In today’s fast-paced business environment, employees don’t always have the luxury of knowing if they’ll need to hold a meeting weeks, or even days, in advance. Web-based meeting room scheduling systems, or wall-mounted devices like the Crestron Room Scheduler, can show what rooms are available and allow employees to book a room with ease.

Once they’re in one of your meeting rooms, employees should have the ability to easily share documents and communicate with remote employees. This can be accomplished by equipping your meeting rooms with devices like intuitive video conferencing systems, interactive displays, and interactive whiteboards.

Employee training is another area that can benefit from the use audiovisual technology. When you have areas equipped with recording devices, as well as with high-definition displays capable of receiving live feeds from other locations, you can conduct employee trainings with multiple individuals in different offices at the same time, saving your company both time and money, while making sure employees get the training they need in a timely manner.

Improved Communication for San Diego Companies with Customized Audiovisual Technology

The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) estimates that companies with 100,000+ employees lose an average of $62.4 million every year due to inadequate communication among employees. Even smaller companies—those with only around 100 employees—will lose around $420,000 every year because of miscommunications. For many companies, that can be the difference between a profitable year or one that loses money. Investing in solutions that improve employee communication can pay big dividends!

Video conferencing solutions are great for allowing employees in different locations to easily communicate with each other, but the systems can also be used to communicate with clients and other business partners. This can save your company valuable time and money that would otherwise be spent traveling across town or across the country to conduct face-to-face meetings. In-person meetings may still be necessary on occasion, but a lot can be accomplished without ever having to leave the office when the proper communication tools are put in place.

Let Fluid Sound Help Design and Install an Audiovisual System in Your San Diego Office

Technology that improves worker productivity and communication is money well spent! Fluid Sound has helped many San Diego companies and organizations design and install customized A/V systems that do both, and we can do the same for your organization.

Contact Fluid Sound to find out what is possible with the latest in audiovisual technology.