A San Diego Audio Visual Company that Works with Existing Systems

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Many large companies in San Diego (and even some smaller ones) already have some sort of audiovisual system, and eventually, all audio visual systems need to be updated. Technology changes, better equipment becomes available, and growing companies require expansions to their systems.

Other times, companies move into buildings with existing systems or components in place. In this scenario, it’s not always clear if any of the infrastructure can be repurposed to meet the new occupant’s needs.

In both of these situations, Fluid Sound can help. We have a team of experienced audiovisual experts who are familiar with all types of systems. We can look at what you currently have and see what can be utilized in your desired system update. Contrary to what some people will tell you, updating an audiovisual system does not always mean starting from scratch.

Some audio video companies in San Diego are only interested in starting with a blank slate and designing and building a completely new system from the ground up. They may not say this outright, but during your consultation with such companies, they will strongly encourage you to take out any existing equipment and replace it with all new. At Fluid Sound, we may make this recommendation too, but only when the existing equipment truly will not support your company’s goals for its audio video system.

Starting from scratch is definitely the easiest way to go for an audio visual company, but it’s not always the most cost effective for the client. Our team works hard to give our clients the best value for their money. That means we utilize what is already there when we can. It also means we set you up for easy updates in the future. For example, we recently completed a large project at a San Diego-area casino that involved audiovisual design for a new casino floor expansion. We were tasked with tying the new casino floor to the legacy casino floor in a way that was as seamless as possible. In doing so, we also provided a foundation for a future overhaul of the existing system in the legacy casino. This means that when the time comes for updates in the legacy casino, it will be a much simpler and less costly process for the casino. It’s this type of forethought that makes working with an experienced San Diego audiovisual company worth the investment.

We know that even the largest San Diego companies have strict budgets they need to work within when it comes to overhauling their audio video systems. Our team works hard to provide companies with the best value and get the most out of their budgets.

If you want to work with a San Diego audiovisual company that has experience working with existing audiovisual systems, contact us at Fluid Sound. We can set up a time to come to your place of business and take a look at your existing system, hear about what you want in an updated system, and come up with a plan to make it happen. We hope to hear from you soon!